Let me start off by thanking you for visiting my page, the goal of Scienceislyfe is to help educate, inspire, and revitalize a passion in science for anyone and everyone reading through Science and Science Fiction. Our goal is to try and touch on three main areas; science fiction, science fact (mainly as it relates to science fiction), as well as science and politics. The last one mainly to educate people on policies and candidates that are helping promote progress and not stifle it. Take some time to explore the site and hope you enjoy!

Site Author/Owner: Mauricio Rezende

I’m the owner and main contributor to ScienceIsLyfe and became interested in science by reading more science fiction and listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I firmly believe we can overcome a majority of the difficulties we face as a species by investing more in science and making it exciting to learn again.

It’s also worth noting (because I want to be completely transparent) that some links on this site (not all) are affiliate links. Running a website does cost money and I would like to eventually do this full time if I can provide you (the reader) with enough value.

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